Welcome to K.F. Quinn Concrete Construction Ltd.

K.F Quinn concrete construction Ltd is a Shropshire based formwork contractor carrying out reinforced concrete works packages. We operate predominately within the midlands region.

We are a family run business with the directors actively involved in the day to day running of the company. At K.F Quinn we specialize in all aspects of formwork, rebar and concrete placing to sub structures as well as super structures.

We have recently without diminishing the companies formwork capabilities diversified into undertaking associated excavations, groundwork and drainage works, thus assisting in letting of completed packages with fewer interfaces between separate contractors.

Our management structure is flexible and agile and as a result we can always meet our clients needs. Our professional approach to each project ensures a positive working relationship with our clients. At K.F Quinn we strive to exceed our clients expectations and become a value adding asset to their business while fully complying with health & safety regulations.

K.F Quinn has the necessary resources available which provides complete flexibility in the nature and size of the projects it is able to undertake. We provide a full labour, plant and materials package for all such works.

Our commitment is to deliver a quality end product to our clients specifications, strictly within or ahead of agreed programmes and within budget has secured repeat business and strong working relationship with our clients.